Monday, 18 October 2010

Today's requests

1. Golden bear
2. turn ups on trousers
3. shorten trousers
4. take in skirt

All to be done by the end of the week

Thursday, 23 September 2010

1st stage in gown making


Here were have the first stage. Its the sleeves. I am using an embroidered linen. Its off white, more of a grey than a ususal  linen colour so I will be using silvered whites to do the embroidery with.

TOP SLEEVE: I've added the lace edge.The lace is already gathered with a bound edge. I over-locked this with a narrow rolled hem stitch, feeding the fabric edge and the lace edge through the machine together.

BOTTOM SLEEVE: As the lace is bound with a particularly nasty looking nylon tape, I topstitched the sleeve edge just to make sure that no tape was visible form the front. This step is not always necessary as a simple pressing of the bound edge to the top on the reverse would be enough.

The only thing to do before the smocking is the gather stitches along the curved edge.


This is the bonnet, or it will be when some magical smocking has been stitches along its front edge. As you can see, the front edge has a slight curve in it. If the smocking is stitched on straight then this curve will form a peak which I think is a nice wee feature on a plain bonnet.

So far, the lace has been over-locked and top stitched in the same way as the sleeves. The sides have been hemmed using a size 4 bound hemming foot - quite easy to use when you've got the knack, but quite difficult for a left hander. The back edge has been turned to form a channel for the gathering ribbon. This will be threaded through and pulled tight to make the crown of the bonnet. 

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Christening gowns

Researching lovely gowns for fabrics, lace and embroidery. They are so beautiful.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Wedding dresses

Today I'm doing some major alterations to a wedding dress. It's quite a challenge to find a way inside and then to orientate yourself to what piece is what when its inside out. Acurate measuring is the only way with such a volume of fabric.

Theres an over skirt in organza, the actual dress fabric of satin, a petticoat layer of ruffled tulle (to make the dress stick out) and then the lining. 4 layers in total to shorten.

The shoulders also need shortening and as this is a beaded bodice, all the beads will need to be secured before I cut to shorten the straps.

Then there's the bridesmaid dresses. They are much simpler to alter and only consist of top fabric and lining.

Tilly Dachshund

This lovely lady is made from linen union in lovely sea green and blue colours. She has a blue collar with silver button detail. Antique pearly buttons as eyes and an embroidered nose add to the character.

Tilly is available from Tel: (01896)822759

Hadrian 36 cm artist bear

Hadrian is a beautiful olive/silver short mohair bear with olive suedette pads. His cranberry and raspberry nose contrasts the silvery green.

He is made from the usual traditional bear components and is completely had sewn.

You can buy him directly from